Whatever Wednesday – May 1st

Whatever Wednesday – May 1st

It is May everyone! Just thought I would inform you of that fact in case you didn’t know. Seriously… how is it may already.


Last week we decided to take a family day and head to the zoo. I love going because it is always a great chance to take pictures. Here are a couple that I got.

zoo-1425 zoo-1445 zoo-1342

Right as we came up to the lions, one of them gave birth! A complete surprise to everyone. Normally they have the lion in a room when she shows signs of giving birth, but she had this little cub out in the enclosure. It was very neat to see how all the other lions reacted. They were all friendly and licking the babe. We found out later that unfortunantly the mom did not take the babe or produce any milk. So the little one didn’t survive. Either way, very neat to see!


This is a picture of  Cheetah… really it is! If you look right in the middle you can see the blurry outline. My camera thought this leave was a much better subject. In some ways I think it may have been right!

What is Whatever Wednesday? 

There are a lot of Wordless Wednesdays out there. Well I have Whatever Wednesday, the weekly link-up where you can post whatever makes you happy, or something you just want to share.

The rules: There are none, however it is always nice if you could do the following things:

1. Try to stop by some other blogs and leave a comment. Comments make us bloggers feel good ;)

2. A link back to my website would be nice, but it is not necessary.

Want a button? I don’t have one at this moment.. but I will have one again soon.

This week I am linking up with these wonderful blogs: In The Moment With.. , Project Alicia,  and Live and Love Out Loud, Mamma to 4 Blessings and Jenni from the blog



  1. What a treat to see the lion birth!

  2. Love the little monkey!

  3. Desirae, What an exciting trip to the zoo! If I get the chance, I always take a minute to stop and watch the birth of a baby calf. It is an amazing thing to watch.

    Love the pecock picture. The colors you captured are amazing. Cute monkey too.

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