GIMP Tutorial – Chocolate Cream Edit

*This was a tutorial that I originally shared on another website*
Today I am sharing a GIMP tutorial with you. If you don’t know, GIMP is a great, free option when Photoshop is just not something you can afford at the moment. Once you figure it out, you can pretty much do all the same things in it that you would do in Photoshop.

Today I am going to share a video tutorial on how to re-create my Chocolate Cream BW Action in GIMP.

Here is a before and after of the action:

And here is the tutorial:

This was my very first video tutorial, so hopefully you were able to follow. But, justĀ in case, here are the steps.
1. Open your image in GIMP and duplicated the background layer.
2. Go up to Colors – Desaturate and choose average.
3. Go back up to Colors – Levels and move the black slider a bit to the right to bring out the blacks more and add a bit more contrast.
4. Add a new layer and fill this layer with a dark brown color. Set this layer on blending mode Soft Light at 100% opacity.
5. Add another new layer, but this time fill it with a light creamy color. Set this layer on blending mode Overlay at 85%.
6. And that is it!
I hope you enjoyed this little GIMP tutorial!
Desirae R



  1. Great info. Lucky me I came across your blog by chance
    (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

  2. Wow! thanks for share.. very nice.. :)

  3. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest. I’ve been looking for helpful GIMP tutorials, and this one is great! But a lot of the ones that were pinned from your blog don’t show up anymore (i.e. Soft Peach Fuzz, Gray Velvet, How to Make a Watermark.) I was hoping you would continue to update your blog with these tutorials because your photo editing on GIMP is amazing! I know it takes time to throw these posts together, but I’ll be waiting. :)

    Thank you,


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